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Starting a new business in Toledo

January 5, 2010

One year ago, Reliable Delivery made a decision to plant brick and mortar in Ohio. With our branches all centered around our corporate facility in Romulus, the decision to open an Ohio delivery company only forty-five minutes south of us in Toledo was easy. The effort it would take to make it happen; however, proved to be much more difficult.

We started first with location. Paul and I spent days searching Toledo and surrounding cities for a good location. We finally settled on 6010 Skyview Dr. The distance from both TOL and DTW airports was perfect and it offered excellent access to the major freeways. We were able to secure a great deal so we went for it. Our location needed some major renovation but after months of hard work and persistence, it’s beginning to represent Reliable Delivery and “walk the talk”.

Not all of the work we had to accomplish on our Toledo courier company was cosmetic however. We also had months of ironing out phone issues, internet, electrical, heat and AC, water leaks, prepping receiving areas, and the list goes on and on…and on. It was one of the largest, most taxing projects I think I’ve ever been involved in with Reliable Delivery. To see where we are now, after only one year, is truly amazing.

The amount of work we put in to setup a delivery service in Ohio never crosses my mind these days. In this first year alone we have more than doubled the workload since we first started in Toledo. We have brought on a full sales team, doubled our driving force, and started to fill the 13,000+ Sq Ft Warehouse we have available to our Toledo customer base. It’s exciting to think about next year and what we will have accomplished when I look back at 2010.

Reliable Delivery in Toledo is prepared. Everyone on our team here has put in overtime, scrubbed floors, trained after hours, tested phones, pressed pants, and prepared to serve our surrounding businesses. After long grueling days and hard work; we are ready!