Cheer during the Christmas season


By Nick Reed

During this time of season, it is important to know what matters most. Christmas has always been a season of giving, sharing and showing love. With today’s economy, that joy has been diminished because of the uncertainty of rising unemployment and insecurity about what tomorrow may bring. Even with job security, there is a need to scale back and save more just in case the unexpected happens.

But there may be surprising benefits to even this economy; namely, recognizing and appreciating the gifts that we already have in our lives — our families, our friends, and the love and warmth that being with them provides all year long.

They say, true happiness comes from within. If that’s true, what’s within should be shown on the outside. That is one of the main ways to show cheer during this season. Happiness should be something that you wake up with every morning.  Just the fact that you were able to wake up should put some type of joy on your face. A driver with our company once said, “Another day, another way”. With that type of mentality, you see things from a different perspective. If we are always seeking another way, then our days are filled with the happiness of good things to come no matter how our day is going.

I can say from personal experience that being positive just rubs off on those around you, especially in the high-stress environment of a call center. My first responsibility is to our customers and their business. If my attitude stinks then that carries on in the responses I receive. 

Oftentimes, I can make the job easier just by my response to a situation. That can change the whole atmosphere for everyone. The word cheer as defined by Webster’s dictionary means “a source of joy or happiness; a comfort” 

Can people look at you as a source of comfort? This year, move out of your comfort zone and put the correct face to the season.  Let’s not be engulfed in ourselves but show them the real meaning behind the season.  No matter what happens or what may come, let’s enjoy this season that only comes around once a year. Let’s be the joy and happiness and the comfort that we desperately need during this time and show the real meaning behind Christmas. It’s not about what you receive, but what you give. Let’s give a spot of cheer this year and watch it come back to you!


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