Evolving Our Business in a Changing Industry

By Scott and Aaron

As the delivery / logistics industry evolves, so does Reliable Delivery.  We are constantly looking ahead, researching, and planning to take the next step that will continue to make our company competitive.  When faced with adversity – we react.  But more importantly, when opportunity knocks, we open the door.  Recently, a door has opened to the world of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Warehousing.

Recently, two members of Reliable Delivery’s Leadership team had the opportunity to attend the 2009 IWLA Essentials course in Dallas, Texas.   The IWLA (International Warehouse and Logistics Association) is a trade association of warehouse logistics providers that helps members run high-quality, profitable businesses.  The course covered topics such as marketing and sales, warehouse law, information technology, layout, insurance, safety, cost/rate development, real estate, and current and future directions of the industry.  The course, while technically designed for larger 3PL members, provided us with the ability and knowledge to expand our business in this direction.

Knowledge and ability are useful tools.  But the contacts we met and the hundreds of years of experience they possess in the industry have proven to be the most useful tools taken from the Conference.  Many who attended have been multiple times.  The first time they attended, their situations were similar to ours.  They come back to refresh their knowledge base but also, and some say more importantly, to network with others.

After four days of courses, and several hours of networking, we formed friendships with our classmates.  It is comforting to know that when we have a question about a specific aspect of our expanding 3PL business, that help and advice is just a phone call away.  Hopefully, these friendships will become business partnerships as well.  And eventually, when we attend another conference, we’ll be the contact, the friend, the business partner that another expanding logistics company is looking for.


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